This page shows the price of a handfull of paintball sites in the south of England. As you can see, there are some considerable differences in price for the same amount of paintballs.

Also the equipment you will be using is another factor to consider. Is it well maintained and looked after? Have the staff been fully trained? although you may not know, it is very important to do you research before booking, look at the companies Facebook page, to see a true representation of the site as many companies will only show you their best pictures on their website.

After looking at all sites in the South we have come to the conclusion that Camouflage Paintball was the best choice for value and playing experience.

It is very clear to us that not all paintball sites are the same. Although they appear on the surface to offer a good experience it is not until you look closely you discover they are NOT all the same.!

We found Camouflage Paintball to come out in front of the other sites they have far superior playing fields, better equipment (they even had a Minigun!). We were impressed with the facilities they offer players such as heated toilets, on site shop and undercover seating and the staff were well trained to a high standard.

If you are looking for value for money and the best playing experience than look no further than Camouflage Paintball.