There are many paintball booking agencies that you can book your paintball day with. BUT BEWARE they are not all what they seem!. For example, one we came across charged the customer a entry fee, in this case £35.00 which did not include any paintballs in the package. Most sites have a basic entry package which includes a 100 paintballs to get you started, after all you will need them if you are actually going to play paintball ...

Here is a recent complaint that has been posted on the website:

Tom Decker: Posted on 16th July 2017

If you read over two pages of reviews, you'll notice the "Excellent" reviews quickly start to repeat in exact syntax. Its obvious the good reviews are fabrications. Junk. Ruining the paintball community. if you wanna play, phone a local field that isn't owned by these scam artists. They will lay it all out. These guys over complicate the pricing on purpose to rip you off and ruin the community. No Experienced players use these tickets, or play on their fields for a reason. look on any paintball forum or phone any paintball equipment retail store. They don't exist in the USA because they would spend all their time in court.

Here is another review;

Mark Gilbert: I was going to buy a package for 10 …

I was going to buy a package for 10 including 3,000 paintballs for £240 when I was sold a package for £60 outside Tescos. This was to include 1,000 paintballs and I would need to pay for 1,000 at a higher price of £100?? The free 1,000 won't be handed out until the 12th game. They must arrive 9.15am and still be up for the 12th game before getting the 2nd 1,000. Therefore we must spend at least another £69 to get a necessary 1,000 balls we will need....making a saving of ????? and having to wait for the last 1,000 balls I hope the party will still want to use.

Here is another sample pricing form a paintball AGENCIES

£27.99 – 300 paintballs and lunch

£37.00 – 400 paintballs no lunch

Information and prices shown are correct as of July 2018

So in summary if you want the best value deal